Roja Dove

Redefining luxury & creativity in the world of perfumery

Roja set up his own company to enable him to follow his heart, redefining and restoring luxury and creativity in the world of perfumery.

Roja continued to travel across the globe broadening his olfactory palette, seeking new sensory experiences and working directly with the finest raw materials in the world. Roja was now firmly established as the industry’s leading educator and foremost authority on fragrance.

Whether exposing the more risqué aspects of perfume, or revealing the industry’s anecdotes that only he knows, Roja always mesmerises and conveys the mysteries and exoticism of perfume with fervour and passion - he is the connoisseurs’ connoisseur.

Not just a fragrance historian, Roja is a storyteller. Getting a quote from Roja is really just an excuse to talk to him and hear romantic (sometimes scandalous) tales. The genuine passion with which he speaks and the evocative language he uses, not only gives perfumes context, he makes them breathe.

Sarah Brown, American Vogue