Happy New Year Miami Style

Sylvain Marrari's Dessert Inspired By Roja Parfums Neroli Extrait

The oceanfront Setai, one of the most luxurious resort hotels on South Beach, Miami, was the setting for a glamorous New Year’s Eve dinner attended by Roja Dove. An olfactory project for the hotel took Roja to America’s southernmost resort city.

Behind the hotel’s Art Deco façade, Executive Chef, Mathias Gervais, a prodigy in the world of fine cuisine, created a menu that brought to table authentic stylishness and an immesurable dose of gastronomic magic.

In honour of Florida’s Spanish heritage and the sweet Valencia orange the Spanish introduced to America (which later became Florida’s official state fruit), Master Pastry Chef, Sylvain Marrari created a dessert inspired by Roja’s Neroli Extrait that perfectly captured the taste and scent of Neroli.

Of the event Roja said: “Pushing the boat out for a special occasion takes time and a touch of magic. What Mathias, Sylvain and their respective teams created was beautiful, inspiring and truly imaginative. Every mouthful was all utterly perfect”.
Roja was hosted by world renowned luxury hospitality veteran, Guneter H. Richter, General Manager of the luxury resort who was recently honoured for his career in hospitality by The Leading Hotels of the World.