Sue Peart And The Classic Perfume

Sue Peart, Editor of You Magazine, recently said that she thinks Roja Parfums Risqué Parfum is a classic fragrance.

Roja commented,

“This is an incredible compliment, as I consider a classic fragrance that which is a highly original creation, setting a new trend and enduring the passage of time, to always be considered the best of its type”.

Roja has always considered perfume to reflect its age, and is a pioneer for putting scent in its socio-economic context. Whilst Risqué Parfum is timeless, it is made for a confident, modern woman.

“When I created this perfume I thought of how society tells us how we have to behave, think, and act. So I decided to create a perfume that seemed tailored and disciplined but as it develops it starts to show its overtly sensual base, which gets warmer, darker and more overt with each breath – on the edge of the forbidden”.