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UAE Perfumery Training Day

Roja was delighted to begin the launch week of Roja Parfums in the UAE, exclusively for Paris Gallery, with a personal training session for all the Paris Gallery team, and Roja Parfums representatives.

Roja discussed the construction, facets and families of fragrance before recounting the inspiration of the brand, and each Roja Parfums scent, revealing anecdotes about the industry that only he knows.

Roja is immensely proud of the team and truly feels that each member now embodies the ethos of Roja Parfums – “it has to be the best”.

Roja Holds a Jasmine Training Session


This week, Roja held a Jasmine training session for some journalists and friends, discussing; the history of fragrance, fragrance families, ingredients, industry trends, and of course, Roja’s famed anecdotes of the fragrant world.  Gareth Wyn Davies, Sunday Telegraph, and Christopher Stocks, freelance, were some of the fortunate guests to attend Roja’s talk.

Top Brazilian Fashion Bloggers Visit Harrods

A number of Brazil’s top fashion bloggers visited Harrods to meet Roja and have the Haute Parfumerie Experience. Roja introduced the bloggers to a number of exquisite fragrances in the sumptuous surroundings of his Haute Parfumerie in Urban Retreat, Harrods, and everyone left the day full of fragrant knowledge.

The Lausanne Palace

One of the most luxurious perfumeries in the world outside of the Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie in Harrods, London will be opening at The Lausanne Palace in Switzerland. Roja Dove has taken a personal interest in this project, and was asked to visit The Lausanne Palace to train six members of staff prior to the opening.

The four-day training course covered the sense of smell, the history of fragrance, how fragrances are constructed and the fragrance families, how to apply scent, and how to sell fragrance. Roja also went into some detail about each of the fragrances he has chosen to be stocked at the new perfumery.

The course was a great success and was enjoyed by all.

COPRA Fragrace Training

Roja conducted a day of training for the Cosmetic and Perfumery Retailers Association. Roja took a group of perfume retail professionals on a journey of discovery during a training to develop their knowledge, skills and sales techniques.

“The current focus of the Copra Acadamy is to provide a greater understanfing of fragrance and more importantly, how to sell it. Roja began by telling the attendees that he would transgorm the way they think about fragrance forever and by the end of the day, he certainly did!

“He talked about the history of fragrance, how scents are constructed, the different types of ingredients, how to identify fragrance families and, crucially, how to use this knowledge to satisfy the customers needs and to close the sale. His extensive knowledge and amazing presentation skills had the entire room entrances from stary to finish.”

Jonathan Charles, taken from ‘Your Beauty Assistant’

Aramis and Designer Fragrances Consultant of the Year Day

Roja was invited to speak at the Aramis and Designer Fragrances National Consultant of the Year Luncheon. This event recognises the 8 best performing consultants in UK & Ireland by inviting them to a day in London.

‘We thought it would be a great opportunity for them to be spoken to & inspired by Roja. Some of these consultants have been with company many years, others relatively new to the company and therefore would like Roja to share something with them that they can all take away with them regardless of their experience and years working in the fragrance industry.

‘Roja was fabulous as always and again, has managed to inspire how will develop and grow our teams, as well as encourage our delegates to think differently about the fragrance and how they speak about it’,

Stephanie Tsalidis, Education Executive, Aramis and Designer Fragrances

Penhaligon’s Fragrance Training

Roja conducted a day of training for Penhaligon’s employees from across UK. The tailor-made course went into detail on the sense of smell, methods of extraction, fragrance families and the history of Penhaligon’s.

“How inspiring to spend a day with someone who is not just immensely knowledgeable about fragrance but whose passion for this wonderful art permeates throughout the room like a finely crafted perfume.”  Jeremy Taylor, Penhaligon’s

Roja Dove Fragrance Training Day

Roja was asked to hold a fragrance training day for some of the most important UK beauty and grooming press.

The training, held at the National Magazines publishing house, was an incredible success as Roja took the journalists on a journey of discovery to develop their knowledge of fragrance ingredients and detailed some of the most influential fragrances of all time.

Aramis Designer Fragrances Training by Roja Dove

Roja Dove was approached to hold a training day attended by fragrance trainers from Aramis Designer Fragrances. The course was designed to further develop the attendees knowledge and to give a different perspective on fragrance.

“We had a fantastic day with Roja. Informative, knowledgeable, relaxed and fun. We can already see where we can use what we have learnt.” Kim Cowan, Education Manager, Aramis Designer Fragrances

Roja Dove luncheon with Hakluyt and Company

Roja Dove was pleased to host a luncheon talk at Tyringham Hall with the partners of some of the world’s leading digniteries and industry leaders. The luncheon was in association with Hakluyt & Company; a British strategic intelligence and advisory firm.

Roja gave an interactive talk on the History of Fragrance, introducing oil comparisons to show the diverse effect of different oils and ended with what he believed would be the future of perfume.