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Perfume Diaries: The Bottle Makers Talk

Perfume Diaries ‘The Bottle Makers’. Roja Dove hosts the lecture. 30th September 2010.

The last event of the Perfume Diaries exhibition at Harrods was a wonderful presentation on the history and art of perfume bottles. The event was hosted by Roja, and Michaela Lurch who travelled over from Paris to present the history of the House of Baccarat. Michaela is the archivist for Baccarat and has a wealth of knowledge on the craft and creativity of the bottle maker’s that crafted some of the most iconic and luxurious bottles of all time.

The Perfume Diaries at Harrods

The Perfume Diaries exhibition opened at Harrods, the exhibition is the largest and most important on perfume that has taken place in the last twenty years. The brainchild of Emma Hockley andcurated by Roja Dove showcases many rare items from Rojas private collection of perfume bottles. Perfume lovers from around the world headed to the fourth floor of Harrods to experience this multiple sensory exhibition to discover the treasures and secrets of modern perfumery through the ages.