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Middle East Fragrance Summit, 27th & 28th May, 2012


Roja was invited to Dubai to attend the Middle East Fragrance Summit 2012 which provides a global platform for industry thought leaders to come together to discuss, ideate and innovate, as well as strategise on how to tap the unlimited potential of the Middle East fragrance retail market. The picture is of Roja doing a talk on niche perfumery with his Diaghilev on the projector, an homage to Serge Diaghilev and his infamous Ballets Russes.

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Diaghilev by Roja Dove: Sold Out

The very last bottle of Diaghilev, the limited edition fragrance created by Roja Dove for the Victoria and Albert Museum, has been sold today.

“I am so pleased that a scent from my favorite family of fragrance, the Chypre, has been so popular. I am working on a new Chypre fragrance which I hope will be as well received as Diaghilev.”
Roja Dove

Roja Dove at the V&A: Diaghilev and the Ballet Russes

Roja presented the key note lecture at the Victoria and Albert Museum on Diaghilev and the Ballet Russes: The Golden Age of Perfume. Roja presented early 20th century perfumery, with a particular focus on how the fiercely avant-garde sensibilities of the Ballet Russes, whilst also discussing his journey through Art Deco luxury, fashion and beauty to create Diaghilev, the official fragrance for the Winter exhibition.

You can read a review of the lecture here

Roja Dove at the V&A: How To Wear Perfume

Roja was asked to hold a workshop on How To Wear Perfume, a guide to finding your signature scent at the Victoria and Albert Museum.  The first workshop sold out within hours of it being advertised, so a second date was announced and was equally popular.

‘An excellent, fun, informative presentation by a warm, entertaining lecturer.’

‘Fantastically entertaining and interesting. We were a very captive audience, I could listen to Roja all day!’

‘Fascinating and brilliantly presented.’

‘Wonderful. One of the best events I have been to for ages.’

Diaghilev by Roja Dove

“Roja Dove, it turns out, has been commissioned to create a fragrance to mark the exhibition – but this is much, much more than a souvenir of a show. We think it could go on to become a global fragrance sensation. Fragrance of the year? For us, it could be fragrance of the decade.”
Josephine Fairley, Beauty Bible Author

“For the ultimate diva drama trust in Roja Dove. His new eau de parfum, Diaghilev, created in a limited edition of 1,000 to celebrate the V&A’s Ballets Russes exhibition is a chypre with a distinctly grand finish: orris, vanilla and vetiver make this one a heady, old-school marvel, not to be worn lightly.”
Sarah Vine, Beauty Editor, Saturday Times Magazine

“One of the pleasures of working with one of the world’s most prestigious brands is finding others who lead in their respective fields, with whom to collaborate. We have worked with Vivienne Westwood, Betty Jackson and Paul Smith. Roja Dove follows in that tradition.”
Jo Prosser, MD of V&A Enterprises.   

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Diaghilev featured in How To Spend It Van der Postings. The doyenne of luxury features the Diaghilev fragrance as part of Van der Postings in FT’s How To Spend It.

“Since Diaghilev, the founder of the Ballet Russes, always sprayed his curtains with Guerlain’s great chypre Mitsouko, it was decided to create a new, moden chypre, in homage to Diaghilev. Dove hoped it would capture the passion and elegance of the Ballet Russes. He came up with a wonderfully rich concoction with top notes of bergamote, lemon and orange; base notes of oak moss, orris, patchouli, vanilla and vetiver; and at its heart, rose de mai and jasmine…It is a limited edition perfume with just 1,000 bottles so hurry.”

New Diaghilev Fragrance by Roja Dove

Diaghilev the perfume created by Roja Dove for the Victoria & Albert Museum’s autumn exhibition Diaghilev and The Golden Age of The Ballets Russes, launches to the press at a breakfast at the museum. The perfume is a classic chypré, the fragrance family that typified the era. Diaghilev is inspired by the period but is a resolutely modern creation, something that Diaghilev himself always was. Celebrating the age of the new, the birth of the art deco movement and bravery in art and culture this exhibition and the fragrance showcase the groundbreaking shifts in fashion and culture that are still echo today.