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The Fragrance Foundation honour Roja Dove with the ‘Special Commendation Award’

Master Perfumer Roja Dove is recognised for his contribution to the British fragrance industry.

We’re proud to announce that Roja Dove was honoured at the recent Fragrance Foundation Awards with the ‘Special Commendation Award’ – an accolade which celebrates his services to the British fragrance industry.

“The Fragrance Foundation would like to recognise Roja Dove for his contribution, dedication, and most of all passion for the industry. Through his work with The Fragrance Foundation, Roja has inspired and educated both journalists through his Jasmine training and the fragrance industry through his work with The Fragrance Foundation Academy”.

Linda Key, CEO The Fragrance Foundation

Roja has been on The Fragrance Foundation Awards Committee for 5 years and in 2013 became a Board Director.

“Roja’s style is truly sui generis. His scents have an unfettered emotional intelligence that never fails to intrigue and makes him quite simply, the modern master of chypres”.

Vicci Bentley, Award winning Freelance Beauty Writer

“Roja’s generosity with his time and his expertise has played a significant role in the success of the organisation. The impact he has had has been of huge benefit to all involved with both The Fragrance Foundation and the Awards”.

Duncan Chater, Publisher Men’s Health & Fragrance Foundation Board Director





An Interview with Harrods

In celebration of the launch of my collaboration with Harrods to create ‘H’ – The Exclusive Aoud – I was interviewed this morning by the lovely Health & Beauty Editor at Harrods Magazine, Jan Masters.

In a candid interview about the project, Jan asked me all about creating the scent, the lavish ingredients within it, and the story behind my 10 year working relationship with the store.

Held in my Haute Parfumerie on the 5th Floor of Harrods, the interview was a real pleasure, it’s never hard work to answer questions about my work with the store that remains close to my heart.

Beware of Fetish Parfum

This Thursday 13th December, Roja will be launching his latest Roja Parfums creation to the press – Fetish Parfum – and revealing what it is that makes you “Succumb To Your Desires” every time you smell it.

In anticipation, Roja commented,

“Nothing is darker than leather in all its guises. I urge you to beware, as once you have entered there is no escape. I have created a perfume that, once under its spell, there is no return. See for yourselves if you can escape its magic”.

Fetish Parfum will be made available for sale from February 2013 in the Harrods Black Hall (London), the Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie in Harrods and at the Lausanne Palace, the Roja Parfums Boutiques in Moscow, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and from the Roja Parfums website (

A Crown Fit for a Queen

Roja was asked by Harrods to design a crown for their Jubilee shop window display. He of course obliged and here is his take on Queen Elizabeth’s crown using raw ingredients, flowers, and a touch of his famous creative flair. It has been on display since Monday and will be there for the entirety of the Jubilee celebrations. I’m sure you agree that it is worth a visit.

Arquiste Perfumes

Roja recently met with Carlos Huber – the man behind the fabulous Arquiste perfumes – at the Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie. The perfumes have been created by Roja’s good friend, world-renowed perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux, and will soon be the newest brand to be stocked at the Roja Dove Haute Parfums in Harrods.

Top Brazilian Fashion Bloggers Visit Harrods

A number of Brazil’s top fashion bloggers visited Harrods to meet Roja and have the Haute Parfumerie Experience. Roja introduced the bloggers to a number of exquisite fragrances in the sumptuous surroundings of his Haute Parfumerie in Urban Retreat, Harrods, and everyone left the day full of fragrant knowledge.

The Continued Success of Roja Parfums

Every month the beauty departments of Harrods run an incentive for the three staff members who put through the highest value transaction through the tills and last month, the two top spots went to members of the Roja Dove team.

Andrew Wright, Manager of Roja Parfums in the Harrods Black Hall Perfumery, and Marcel Van Der Merwe, Assistant Manager of the Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie in Urban Retreat, were awarded first and second place for the month of July.

Congratulations to both Andrew and Marcel for this recognition of your hard work!