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The Roja Dove Fragrance Trend Report – Autumn/Winter 2011

The Roja Dove Fragrance Trend Report – Autumn/Winter 2011

The first Roja Dove Fragrant Forecast is now available for download from Roja has looked at all the new launches for the season ahead and has compiled this overview of the key trends in the fragrance industry.

To download the Roja Dove Fragrant Forecast, click HERE

Roja Parfums available online

The Roja Parfums online retail store has launched! All Roja Parfums products are available from the website, and shipments can be made to any destination in the world.

The Roja Dove Shop launches with the new Roja Parfums fragrance Reckless, the celebrated creation called Diaghilev, the exquisite perfumery ingredient candles, and the other current Roja Dove masterpieces; the Roja Parfums products are also available from the Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie within Urban Retreat on the 5th Floor of Harrods, and from the new Roja Parfums counter in the Harrods Black Perfumery Hall on the Ground Floor, 020 7730 1234.

 To visit the Roja Dove Online Shop click here

Roja Parfums Opens in Harrods Black Hall Perfumery

On Saturday 2nd July, Roja Parfums opened in the Black Hall Perfumery, Ground Floor, Harrods.

Roja Parfums; the new and extensive range of luxury fragrances and perfumed candles by Roja Dove. All of the new products were received incredibly well and the first weekend was a phenomenal sucess.


 The first customer at Roja Parfums

Roja Parfums Launches to press

Roja Parfums, the new and extensive range of luxury fragrances and perfumed candles by Roja Dove, launched to press at The Four Seasons Hotel last Friday.

The launch included a presentation by Roja during which he unveiled the new Roja Parfums fragrances, Reckless and Scandal Pour Homme, to a captive and enchanted audience. Roja Parfums will be avilable from Harrods black Hall Perfumery from Saturday 2nd July 2011.

“In a dusky, candlelit room, amidst the crystal chandeliers and ornate mirrors gently reflecting the flickering light, are tables full of flowers, beautiful perfume bottles and carefully placed photographs. The fragrance from the candles is almost overwhelmingly beautiful, people gasp softly and smile as they enter. An elegant man stands in the middle of all this, looking slightly nervous, suavely clad in a dark suit which might be velvet, I can’t quite tell as I walk from the huge wooden doors at the back of the room that have been heaved open to let us in. I notice the exquisite gem-studded gold brooch on his lapel, subtly twinkling as we file in to the banks of chairs that wait for us, all more than ready to hear him speak at last. There is a hushed reverence that seems to fill the room, a sense of shared expectation…He is Roja Dove, the world-renowned perfume expert…”
Suzy Nightingale, Fragrantica, read the full article here

The launch set Twitter alight with anticipation for the new fragrances and for the opening of Roja Parfums in the Harrods Black Perfumery Hall:

“At The Four Seasons for Roja Parfums launch, @RojaDove you are a true inspiration, congratulations.” Natalie Theo, freelance journalist

Brilliant morning with @RojaDove to hear about his latest venture, Roja Parfums. Beautiful new scents and he’s such a great speaker!” Pure Beauty Magazine

Just been to an emotional fragrance launch by @RojaDove His new scent, Reckless, is beautiful – a must buy @HarrodsofLondon” Kathryn Hanks, In London magazine

Sending congratulations to @RojaDove for the launch of his name-sake perfume brand at the Four Seasons today! You deserve every success!” Christopher Yu, United Perfumes

Stunning launch @FSLondon with the absolute genius that is @RojaDove Master of his field. It was emotional. I could listen to you all day!” Holly Buckley, Diary Directory

To see a selection of images from the Roja Parfums launch, click here

Roja Parfums Opening In Harrods Black Perfumery Hall

Roja Parfums is launching their new and extensive range of luxury fragrances and perfumed candles in Harrods, the world’s most famous Department Store, from July 2nd.

Roja Parfums are recruiting for experienced retail staff for both full and part time roles to work with true industry experts in an intimate yet thriving and dynamic company, with the knowledge that you are working with the finest fragrances in the world; please contact Dominic Venton at


Roja Dove Bespoke Amenities for the Four Seasons

When the new Four Seasons Hotel London started to think about developing an exclusive range of bespoke guestroom amenities, they knew it would have to be something very special to mark the opening of the new hotel on Park Lane and looked no further than Roja Dove.

Roja describes the exclusive Four Seasons fragrance as a refreshing blend of bergamot, orange and mandarin, touches of jasmine and rose for sensuality, and vetiver, a special mix of woods and a note of fir balsam for warmth and gentility. “The scent of Four Seasons is exactly that – lively but not jarring, sensual but understated, warm, gentle and enveloping – for me that is the embodiment of the Hotel.”

Read more here

Roja Dove at the V&A: Diaghilev and the Ballet Russes

Roja presented the key note lecture at the Victoria and Albert Museum on Diaghilev and the Ballet Russes: The Golden Age of Perfume. Roja presented early 20th century perfumery, with a particular focus on how the fiercely avant-garde sensibilities of the Ballet Russes, whilst also discussing his journey through Art Deco luxury, fashion and beauty to create Diaghilev, the official fragrance for the Winter exhibition.

You can read a review of the lecture here

The Perfume Diaries at Harrods

The Perfume Diaries exhibition opened at Harrods, the exhibition is the largest and most important on perfume that has taken place in the last twenty years. The brainchild of Emma Hockley andcurated by Roja Dove showcases many rare items from Rojas private collection of perfume bottles. Perfume lovers from around the world headed to the fourth floor of Harrods to experience this multiple sensory exhibition to discover the treasures and secrets of modern perfumery through the ages.

New Diaghilev Fragrance by Roja Dove

Diaghilev the perfume created by Roja Dove for the Victoria & Albert Museum’s autumn exhibition Diaghilev and The Golden Age of The Ballets Russes, launches to the press at a breakfast at the museum. The perfume is a classic chypré, the fragrance family that typified the era. Diaghilev is inspired by the period but is a resolutely modern creation, something that Diaghilev himself always was. Celebrating the age of the new, the birth of the art deco movement and bravery in art and culture this exhibition and the fragrance showcase the groundbreaking shifts in fashion and culture that are still echo today.