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Vogue’s Online Fashion Week

For Vogue’s Online Fashion Week, Roja was interviewed by Harrods to discuss the secrets of applying scent properly, and how the right fragrance can unlock emotions that recall the most powerful loves, creating memories in the process, and even sometimes scandals.


Sue Peart And The Classic Perfume

Sue Peart, Editor of You Magazine, recently said that she thinks Roja Parfums Risqué Parfum is a classic fragrance.

Roja commented,

“This is an incredible compliment, as I consider a classic fragrance that which is a highly original creation, setting a new trend and enduring the passage of time, to always be considered the best of its type”.

Roja has always considered perfume to reflect its age, and is a pioneer for putting scent in its socio-economic context. Whilst Risqué Parfum is timeless, it is made for a confident, modern woman.

“When I created this perfume I thought of how society tells us how we have to behave, think, and act. So I decided to create a perfume that seemed tailored and disciplined but as it develops it starts to show its overtly sensual base, which gets warmer, darker and more overt with each breath – on the edge of the forbidden”.

A Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience

On Tuesday 20th November, Roja gave the first of two Fragrance Masterclasses at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. With a waiting list of up to three years to attend, Roja’s interactive sessions are some of the most anticipated events in the artistic calendar and build on the on-going collaboration between Master Perfumer Roja Dove and the Museum.

Roja’s Masterclasses give attendees the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to smell the rarest perfumery oils in the world and handle raw materials that only a handful of the perfume greats have ever had a chance to touch.

Roja owns around 2000 of the most important artefacts in the history of perfumery. Roja presented just two of them on Tuesday, but they are the two most precious and poignant. He revealed the understated sombre bottles that were created to house Queen Victoria and her consort Prince Albert’s scents. Whilst they are in Roja’s care at present, he feels they are too important to be in private ownership, and one day will be sitting alongside the most significant works of art in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Ksenia Sobchak chooses Scandal Parfum

Editor-in-Chief of SNC Magazine and celebrated Russian public figure Ksenia Sobchak has chosen Roja Parfums Scandal Parfum as the epitome of luxury in fragrance.

Her comments in translation:

“Roja Dove – the best perfumer in the world. SNC – the best magazine in Russia. Ksenia Sobchak – the best Editor-in-Chief in Moscow. Do you find these statements scandalous and provoking? It means you didn’t grow up with the luxurious and scandalous fragrance – Scandal”.


Roja Dove Masterclasses at the V&A Museum, London

Continuing his on-going collaboration with the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, Roja will be giving two fragrance Masterclasses on Tuesday 20th November and Tuesday 4th December, which are both now sold out.

With a waiting list of 3 years to attend, Roja’s Masterclasses are some of the most anticipated events in the artistic calendar.

During the interactive sessions, guests will smell some of the most rare perfumery materials in the world, including Rose de Mai from Grasse, which takes 307,000 roses, picked before dawn, to produce one kilo of oil. It is this oil that Roja uses in his creations, and it is more exquisite than any other.

Whilst tracking the history of fragrance from ancient man to the modern day, Roja will also be unveiling the personal inspirations behind his Roja Parfums creations.

Roja is famed for saying,

“A perfumer is a poet or storyteller, who creates the tangible from the intangible – abstract images that strike at our core. We create products that become part of our clients’ lives and loves – intrinsically interwoven with their memories and those who know them”.

Roja Parfums Scandal Parfum “ensures you are talked about”, but when asked about the inspiration behind this scent, most are never able to guess correctly; the answers are always surprising.

All will be revealed on 20th November and 4th December if you are one of the guests who managed to secure a place in the coming Masterclasses.

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Roja Parfums for Sniffapalooza

This coming Monday 12th November, Roja will be unveiling the Roja Parfums collections to Sniffapalooza and its members in Lisbon, only available in 5 locations worldwide, including Harrods, London, and brought exclusively to Sniffapalooza members for this one-off event.

Roja has worked with the head chef of the Mundial Hotel to create unique fragrant canapés that use the finest ingredients in the world, just as Roja uses when creating a scent.

Roja commented that, “I devised a menu that should transport you, and take you to a place far away, as my perfumes do. I am very much looking forward to trying the Rose jelly with fresh cheese and cinnamon, and it should be especially interesting to taste along with smelling my Reckless Parfum by Roja Parfums. The olfactive impression should be stunning”.

Created with no compromise, Roja uses only the most rare materials available in his Roja Parfums scents, and Roja will be discussing his process of creativity, allowing guests the one in a lifetime opportunity to smell the most precious perfumery materials imaginable, that only a few people in the world have ever had a chance to experience.




Taken to a land far away…

Roja Parfums Candles, voted as the “best scented candles” by Harper’s Bazaar, are now burnt in the world’s most exclusive members’ club, Annabel’s, with the Roja Parfums Neroli Candle embodying the atmosphere of this revered historic London institution.

Of the collaboration, Roja commented,

“One of my favourite things in Annabel’s is the ceiling that reminds me of a star-spangled sky, which immediately transports me to Tunisia, where Neroli grows. So my Neroli scented candle sublimates the effect and transports us to a fantasy destination, far removed from the realities of London”.

Roja Parfums Dubai Press Launch

The Roja Parfums Dubai Press Launch marked the first time that the UAE press entered the brand new Roja Parfums Boutique in Dubai, the first ever Roja Parfums Boutique in Dubai.

The event was attended by Dubai’s leading consumer and luxury titles, print and broadcast media. More than fifty select journalists arrived for the grand opening of the Boutique, with Roja delivering a passionate introduction to the brand, before cutting the ribbon and officially opening the Boutique.

Roja commented, “I am hugely thankful to all that attended for taking time out of your busy schedules, and am deeply touched by your on-going and overwhelming response to my work”.


UAE Perfumery Training Day

Roja was delighted to begin the launch week of Roja Parfums in the UAE, exclusively for Paris Gallery, with a personal training session for all the Paris Gallery team, and Roja Parfums representatives.

Roja discussed the construction, facets and families of fragrance before recounting the inspiration of the brand, and each Roja Parfums scent, revealing anecdotes about the industry that only he knows.

Roja is immensely proud of the team and truly feels that each member now embodies the ethos of Roja Parfums – “it has to be the best”.

Roja Parfums Boutique launch in Abu Dhabi

This week, Roja Dove officially launched the world’s first ever Roja Parfums Boutique in Paris Gallery at The Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi.

VIP guests of Paris Gallery enjoyed a ‘by invitation only’ evening with Roja. The event was a resounding success with guests staying late into the evening.

This marked a global first – Roja Parfums is now available in the UAE for the first time and exclusively for Paris Gallery.

Of the launch, Roja said,

“I could not be more thrilled and excited, and hope the brand will continue to be as influential in Abu Dhabi, as it has already been around the world. I want to create perfumes that surprise and astonish you, perfumes that encapsulate this exciting time in my life. I hope my new Abu Dhabi Boutique will do the same”.




Roja Parfums is now available at:

Paris Gallery, Marina Mall

Abu Dhabi 55419

United Arab Emirates